Successful Breastfeeding for the Family

Bettering outcomes for mothers and babies

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This is another 3.5-hour session to inspire you that you can FEED the baby you GREW.

It does take a village to help you out, making your nest calm and comfy. Your village is responsible for feeding and nursing YOU so that you can do the same for your tiny babe.

Your partner (and anyone else who may be supporting you at home during the first few days/weeks) will learn how breastfeeding works and what breaks it so that you’re more likely to be flourishing as a new feeder!

You will understand ways to keep babies from needing to cry without cause, ways to get more sleep and make abundant milk and teach your partner about his important role and it has nothing to do with offering a bottle. Daddy’s are nurturers too, they just have different equipment but it’s just as valuable, if they know how to use it!

Your Instructor

Brenda Kirkpatrick
Brenda Kirkpatrick

With over 25 years experience in supporting expectant families, Brenda is an engaging and thoughtful educator, She desires her students to finish their courses feeling well informed and excited about the next step in their journey.

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